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By SportAccord Thursday, 21 Mar 2019 15:58

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – SportAccord is delighted to confirm today, Natalie Cook, 5 times Olympian and Gold Medallist representing Australia in Beach Volleyball, will go under the microscope at HealthAccord (7 May 2019) and take part in this year’s Fireside Chat on Mental Health. 

In implementing interventions to improve athlete health and performance, sport organisations often overlook the athlete’s mental health. Any coach and athlete will agree, that if the athlete is not well mentally, their performance outcomes will suffer.

Championing the cause for athlete mental health, Natalie Cook will discuss the importance of raising the visibility on a subject that touches the lives of so many, and share insights from her experiences.

“HealthAccord highlights the importance of mental health as a growing concern for our athletes during and post competitive years. It appears no one is immune and it is becoming more and more common to talk about it. 

“In my early days as an athlete it was called mental toughness. Toughen up was the call! Now there are more and more calls to address mental health and support overall mental well-being. 

“The athlete entourage can play an enormous role in this area but the athlete has to be willing to share, open up and be vulnerable. For an athlete to have a long career on and off the field, there are many factors at play. However, most of all, their sense of purpose, self-value/love and happiness are all so important. 

“Let’s continue to shine the spotlight on the subject and hopefully it helps the athlete ecosystem find ways to make the mental health space - a safe and happy space.”

To hear Natalie first-hand, organisations can register for SportAccord and attend all conference sessions, as well as the many networking opportunities offered within the Official Schedule during this World Sport & Business Summit.

Following her Fireside Chat, Natalie will join the mental health panel session and speak about the athlete’s perspective on the importance of a healthy ‘mental game’. Joining Natalie, panel experts will include Kathy Martin, Senior Director, Athlete Assistance, Women’s Tennis Association; Graziella Thake, CEO and Co-Founder, Optimisation Hub; Gearoid Towney, Founder & Director, Crossing the Line (CTL); and Dr Margo Mountjoy, FINA Sport Medicine (and HealthAccord Co-Chair). 

The panel will examine innovations, diagnosis and treatment, the links between mental health and activity levels, and the effects on performance and quality of life. They will also share practical tools and takeaways to help international federations tackle issues and break down barriers to treatment. 

HealthAccord sessions will also cover: short-mid-long-term monitoring of athlete injuries; supplements and their effect on elite and recreational athletes; and the pros and cons of wearable sensors for athletes, international federations and manufacturers.

Commenting on the strong and topical conference programme for this year’s HealthAccord, Co-Chair Prof. Fabio Pigozzi, President, FIMS (International Federation of Sports Medicine) and Member of the IOC Medical and Scientific Commission – Medical and Scientific Group said:

“Despite the well-known beneficial effects of exercise on mental illness, also athletes could be susceptible to mental health problems, during and post competitive years, although possibly at a lower prevalence than the general population. 

“The good news is that mental illness could be more effectively treated if diagnosed early enough, and talking about it at every opportunity can make all the difference. There is a need, however, to develop athlete specific diagnostic tools and tailored treatments”.

SportAccord is the leading annual global gathering for sporting leaders involved in the business of sport and is set to take place from 5 – 10 May 2019 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, a city brimming with opportunities and home to last year’s XXI Commonwealth Games.

In addition to HealthAccord a full conference programme will take place involving 50+ sessions across the following conference streams: SportAccord Summit, LawAccord, CityAccord and MediaAccord  .

To become an Exhibitor or Partner contact the sales team: sales@sportaccord.com or phone +41 21 612 3070. To register as a delegate and 

Follow developments and updates via Twitter @sportaccord using #SA2019, or keep up-to-date via LinkedIn and Facebook. 

For media enquiries, email the Media Relations Officer: jenny.edmondson@sportaccord.com


SportAccord brings together international sports federations and organisations involved in the business of sport. The annual World Sport & Business Summit is a six-day event attended by leaders of the global sports community. It engages international sports federations, athletes, industry, rights holders, organising committees, cities, government, agencies, media, technology, legal teams, medical professionals, inventors, and subject matter experts – represented at the highest levels.

SportAccord is the only global sports business event attended by all the international sports federations and their stakeholders, who host their Annual General Assemblies during SportAccord.

These stakeholders include: ASOIF (Association of Summer Olympic International Federations), AIOWF (Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations), ARISF (Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations), AIMS (Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport), GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federations) and Associate Members. SportAccord receives the full support of the International Olympic Committee.

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Natalie Cook OLY

Natalie Cook is one of Australia’s most decorated Olympic athletes – a five time Olympian, Gold and Bronze medallist. Nat spent 23 years dedicated to the sport of Beach Volleyball and still loves getting the sand between her toes.

The next chapter of her life has seen Nat take on the role of President for the QLD Olympic Council, and later as a board member of the World Olympians Association.

Nat finds the best in every situation: whether it is helping businesses with leadership, motivation, inspiration or teamwork; assisting athletes with opportunities and possibilities for their future; or skiing in blizzard conditions during her year of adventure. 

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