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By GAISF Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018 16:45

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – Members from GAISF, the Global Association of International Sports Federations and associates will take part in the 12th IF Forum in Lausanne, Switzerland from 5-7 November 2018. Sporting leaders will hear from leading experts, stakeholders and peers who are seeking specialist guidance to forecast future trends in sport and learn about the revolutionary benefits of new tools.

The tricky prediction of what will happen next using historical data and current trends to help determine the future of sport will form part of the discussions during this year’s IF Forum headlined: Open Doors and Open Minds – New Tools for IFs. 

Experts in futurology will provide a scene-setter focused on the ‘Ever-changing Global Landscape and its Impact on Sport’. 

International sports federations will hear from cryptocurrency and blockchain experts during the session ‘Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain: the 5 Ws for you and your organisation’.

Some larger organisations are already investing in blockchain technology and many industries stand to gain from its growing use - such as sport. Cryptocurrencies on the other hand, have come under a lot of pressure, however, there is still optimism that regulators could look more favourably towards them and help to boost market participation.

IF Forum delegates will also hear ‘How 5G Networks are Changing the Face of Livestreaming and Mobile Content Delivery’ - encompassing more than mobile and including contribution and distribution of all media and entertainment.

International sports federations will also learn how new technologies are disrupting and transforming delivery in the session: Robotics – changing how events are delivered and who helps deliver them! 

Event/Ticket pricing models will also be covered with a new take on a traditional approach during the gathering of international sports federation leaders in Lausanne.

During the Forum, GAISF will also host an eSports Workshop for IFs, as well as share a session update on lessons learned from compliance since GDPR came into force.

The IF Forum – an event for the IFs by the IFs – is organised by SportAccord and will take place over three days and follow the format of previous years. The IF Forum receives the support of longstanding Host City Partners Lausanne and the Canton de Vaud, and the International Olympic Committee.

To become an Official IF Forum Partner and benefit from industry exclusivity as well as take part in the event, contact: sales@sportaccord.com. 

For further details visit https://www.sportaccord.com/if-forum/international-federation-if-forum-2018.

For media enquiries, email the Media Relations Officer: jenny.edmondson@sportaccord.com



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