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By GAISF Saturday, 21 Apr 2018 18:22

BANGKOK. 20th April 2018. - The Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) has today launched the process to appoint a host city for the inaugural edition of the World Urban Games (working title) aimed at being held in 2019.

The World Urban Games will be a downtown, five-day celebration featuring a new-generation of sports and a showcase for the skill, style and power of the most successful and inspirational urban athletes, riders and break-dancers on the planet.

The World Urban Games comprises a programme of competition and showcase urban sports complimented by a Festival of youth-focused music, art and culture that will give the Games a unique inclusive and festive atmosphere.

The proposed sports programme would include up to 14 disciplines in Olympic and Non- Olympic sports which meet seven criteria approved by the GAISF Council today.

A review of the disciplines eligible for the competition programme is under way and, under the supervision of the relevant International Federations, athletes will compete in breath-taking breakthrough events.

So far, potential eligible disciplines are 3x3 Basketball, BMX Freestyle Cycling, Breakdance, Boulder Sports Climbing, Freestyle Flying Disc, Parkour, Roller Freestyle, Inline Freestyle and Skateboard.

The final programme will be proposed for approval in due course and disciplines will be selected from among all eligible disciplines in consultation with the host city and all stakeholders.

In addition, at least four sports will feature one of their disciplines as showcase events and the programme is designed to allow fans the chance to learn about and experience the urban sports on show.

The World Urban Games could involve around 700 competitors along with 300 team officials and is designed to be staged on a single, easily accessible downtown site and Festival Plaza with a contained operational footprint. The events will avoid use of public roads and allow for host cities to make proposals for events in accordance with local culture and traditions.

GAISF is instigating an initial consultation phase during which it will work with potential hosts as well as interested IFs ahead of a formal bid phase.  The host of the World Urban Games could be announced next autumn.

A series of presentations and information / discussion sessions for interested cities was successfully held this week during SportAccord in Bangkok.

GAISF President Patrick Baumann said: “We are extremely proud to launch the World Urban Games which will be a landmark event and presents significant opportunities for any city looking to organise an innovative, fun and accessible multi-sport event at the heart of its city.

“We had a very positive response from International Federations and potential host cities this week and I look forward to continuing that dialogue.

“The programme and festival will showcase all that is best about sports which have been forged by youth and urban culture and which celebrate competition, creativity, lifestyle and the engagement between competitors and fans.

“The World Urban Games are designed to reflect how sport refuses to stand still and will continue to evolve as our lifestyles and leisure choices change. But while these are new sports to many, they demand the same determination, skill, bravery, commitment and single-minded pursuit of excellence as all others. The Games will also provide a sustainable continuity and be a valuable test platform for the urban cluster concept that has seen the light at the Youth Olympic Games and will now be incorporated for the first time in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

“For five days, the inaugural host city will become the beating heart of these sports and the focus of major global media attention. Together with GAISF and all IFs involved, the selected host will make history and be inextricably linked with the youthful vibrancy of a truly 21st Century sporting event.”



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