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CSL signs partnership with Crazy Sports to develop online games

By Zhang Qi Wednesday, 23 Aug 2017 09:13

On Monday, the Chinese Football Association Super League Company (CSL company) signed a partnership agreement with Chinese online game company Crazy Sports for the 2017-2022 seasons.

The deal is estimated to be more than 100 million Yuan (US$15 million), although the two sides didn’t reveal the exact number.

As the official senior game partner of the CSL, Crazy Sports is empowered to develop, operate and promote CSL-related games on all platforms, including mobile phones, computers, Sony Play Stations and VR devices. Crazy Sports is allowed to use the names and logos of the league and all 16 clubs, names and images of players, including coaches and all match data of the league.

Additionally, the company has also obtained business development rights. Crazy sports has been given the rights to advertise on football stadium LED displays during break times in matches, on tickets and on social media platforms including WeChat and Weibo.

“The CSL company has been devoted to promoting the league’s influence and business value. As a great promotion of the league, the CSL games will help more football fans and game lovers, especially overseas game lovers, to know and experience the CSL,” said Ma Chengquan, Chairman of the CSL Company.

Peng Xitao, CEO of Crazy Sports, estimated that the annual revenue of CSL-related games will reach one billion Yuan (US$150.1 million) by the year 2020. 

Crazy Sports was founded in 2011 with sports games and lottery services as their main business focus. Recently, Crazy Sports has partnered with a UK game company, Soccer Manager, to introduce football games into China and signed another partnership with Spain-based sports game company, From the Bench S.L., with authorization to develop games based off of 15 European football clubs.

Source: Caixin, iFeng.

Proofread by William Logsdon

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