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MLB China senior director won marketing award

By Yutang Sports Monday, 26 Jan 2015 13:00

On January 23, the 11th Annual Meeting of Chinese Marketing Leaders was organized by New Marketing. Participants included senior executives from IBM, Suning, Tencent, Guangzhou Automobile Group, Tsinghua Tongfang, and other companies. Wang Peng, senior director of MLB China, was awarded the 2014 Exemplary Marketing Person Award (literary translation). 

Wang Peng joined MLB in 2010. He established a TV broadcasting network for MLB, and a number of long-term campaigns and programs, as well as a popular TV reality show. 

MLB’s TV network is made up of over 10 TV stations across China, such as Guangdong Channel, Tianjin Channel, Jiangsu Channel, and Shenzhen Channel, as well as Bus TV system of Beijing Mobile TV. This network reaches 380 million people. On the TV network he publishes 28 weekly TV shows as a producer, and there are live broadcastings of MLB opening game, MLB All-Star Game, MLB World Series and other events. 

MLB has launched a few programs in China. These include MLB Baseball Paradise National Road Show, MLB Play Ball, baseball promotion programs for teens, and MLB college clubs. 

From the beginning of 2014, MLB started to work with Letv. They launched a reality show Perfect Pitch in China in April. The show was mainly organized in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The winner of the show flew to America for a one-week baseball visit. The show was broadcasted on Letv every day during the 250-days process, with 110,000 people signing up for the show, and is reported to have reached 970,000 people during the on-ground activation. There were also large amounts of media reports on it. The one week visit in New York got more than 2 million reads. 

The Baidu big data analysis claims that “MLB” and “baseball” (in Chinese) have doubled in the number of searches in the past two years. 

Wang Peng and his business development and marketing team helped MLB partner with enterprises such as Delta Airlines, Sanyuan, BMW Lifestyle, NAUTICA, and Letv. 

The basic theme of Wang Peng’s MLB marketing in China is a link between being fashionable and playing baseball. Baseball culture is a very popular fashion in China now. On the hot show “Where Are We Going? Dad”, MLB clothing was the choice of several stars. 

Wang was very humble when talking about the 2014 Perfect Pitch. He said that the show would improve regarding its access, fun, and fashion elements in 2015. 

Source: www.sports.cn 

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