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China’s Sports Industry worth RMB 1.7 trillion in 2015

By Yutang Sports Wednesday, 28 Dec 2016 11:29

As reported by the Xinhua News Agency, the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC) has issued the investigation report on the scale of the Chinese national sports industry in 2015 - a national report jointly produced with the National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBSC). According to the report, the total output of China’s sports industry in 2015 (total scale) was RMB 1.7 trillion, including added value of RMB 549.4 billion and accounting for 0.8% of the country’s concurrent GDP.

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The director of the Economic Division of GASC, Wang Weidong stated that the total output of China’s sports industry and related industries in 2015 had grown 26.02% from that of 2014. The industrial added value grew by 35.97% from that in 2014 and the proportion of the industrial added value in GDP increased to 0.8% in 2015 compared to 0.64% in 2014.

Wang Weidong also stated that GASC has carried out a special investigation into the sports industry nationwide, covering 31 provinces (including regions and cities) of China. The report was compiled in record time, yet it has more content and researched more people engaged in the sports industry.

 It is considered as a breakthrough in issuing statistical data about China’s sports industry in an annual report combining the efforts of both GASC and NBSC.

According to the report, among the 11 major subsectors of China’s sports industry, the sectors of sports goods and related products manufacturing contributed the highest output and the highest added value in 2015. The figures were RMB 1123.82 billion (accounting for 65.7% of the total output) and RMB 275.55 billion (accounting for 50.2% of the total added value of China’s sports industry) respectively. In contrast, the sports services (i.e. the other 9 categories apart from  the category of sports goods & related products manufacturing and the category of sports venues & facilities construction) contributed a total output of RMB 571.36 billion (33.4%) and an added value of RMB 270.36 billion (49.2%) in 2015.

Source: NetEase

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin



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