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S. Korea and China to sign Baseball partnership

By He Lanying Tuesday, 08 Mar 2016 17:00

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), governing body of South Korean professional baseball, will sign partnership agreements with its Chinese counterparts this week, officials stated on Tuesday March 8.

The KBO said its commissioner, Koo Bon-neung, will sign the deals with the Chinese Baseball Association (CBAA) and the Chinese Baseball League (CBL) in Beijing on Wednesday. Koo is scheduled to depart for China on Tuesday afternoon.

The CBAA is the national baseball governing body, while the CBL handles commercial and marketing operations for the CBAA.

Koo will be accompanied by KBO's secretary general, Yang Hae-young. They will have talks with CBAA President Lei Jun on issues covering marketing, coach training programs and player development, as well as other areas of cooperation and exchange.

"We'll be taking our first step into the Chinese market," the KBO said in a statement. "By strengthening bilateral exchanges and promoting Korean baseball in China, we hope to expand our market in China and also help grow Chinese baseball at the grassroots level."

Source: yonhapnews

Proofread by John Devlin.

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