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New Vice President for Ali Sports

By Pu Yang Monday, 07 Mar 2016 16:10

Ali Sports has hired former CCTV reporter Wang Dong as Vice President(VP), responsible for the company’s international business, according to a source of Yutang Sports.

Wang Dong has taken up his new role at Ali Sports after a 12 year spell at CCTV News, as a reporter for the English-language program. He has a wealth of experience as a presenter of sports events, including the China Open and Shanghai Masters. Prior to his position at CCTV, Wang Dong also worked at ESPN as a sports commentator. In addition to the above TV stations, he has served at the United States Information Agency, HKSTV and CBS. He also previously worked at UN News after he graduated from Columbia University.

“This is a valuable new era for me, after a long career spent in sports media”, said Wang Dong, “I’m willing to explore (together with Ali Sports) this new area. I bring to it my experience in international business and sport as well as the advantage of being multilingual”.



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