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Wuhan Sports Bureau reaches media partnership with Beijing Company

Wednesday, 18 Nov 2015 16:10   |   By Pu Yang



China’s Wuhan Sports Bureau has recently struck a new three-year media partnership deal with Beijing Info Sports in Wuhan.

Under the deal, Info Sports will be responsible for online media promotions and live broadcasts of a variety of sports events to be hosted by Wuhan Sports Bureau with accompanying digital media rights.

The Beijing sports company will help present relevant events to Chinese audiences via desktops, smart phones and tablets as well as providing fans with an online community with which to communicate and interact.

Wuhan is set to host or co-host a range of sports events in the coming years, including the Asian Cup Table Tennis Tournament, the FIBA Asia Championship and the WTA Wuhan Open etc., according to an official of the governing body for sport in Wuhan.

Wuhan, the birthplace of China’s top tennis star Li Na, is now the premier sports-hosting city in western and central China in terms of the number of major sports events taking place there. Info Sports is a joint venture funded by Capital Investment, CNlive and a core group of several Chinese sports newspapers affiliated to China’s General Administration of Sport.

Source: Chinanews

Proofread by John Devlin

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