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Hong Kong: one of the best organizers of FIVB Women’s Volleyball World Grand Prix

By Yutang Sports Tuesday, 21 Jul 2015 18:00

2015 FIVB Women’s Volleyball World Grand Prix’s preliminary round ended in Hong Kong last week with China securing the title of Hong Kong leg of the competition after defeating USA.

Hong Kong is one of the host cities which has been holding the preliminary rounds of the FIVB’s annual competition since 1993 and have a remarkable record in attendances which is around 30 thousands every year. And over the past 6 years Hong Kong has seen the most attended matches in preliminary rounds.

Though the commercial side of volleyball, as a sport, is still less-developed, Hong Kong itself has worked out a relatively efficient approach to host FIVB Grand Prix. No matter it is the organizing, or marketing development, the organizers in Hong Kong appears to have made it a lot easier for the sport.

The Hong Kong leg is organized by Major Sports Event Committee (MSEC) and is one competition of M-mark Event (ME) alongside Hong Kong International Marathon and Hong Kong Rugby Sevens. MSEC and ME are responsible for the hosting and undertaking of the competitions respectively. The allocation guarantees high efficiency for the operation with helps from internationalized volunteers and team.

Hong Kong picks up Hong Hom Stadium, which also provides perfect stage for popular singers, as the hosting site for the Grand Prix, which significantly promotes the attendances.

In addition, Hong Kong has a tradition in launching promotional campaigns both for the competition and for the sport two months ahead of schedule. For instance, the organizers arranged a special volleyball game which was participated by captains from China, Japan, USA and Thailand.

The promotional campaigns and high exposure really guarantees the tickets sales and sponsorship deals. As reported, the tickets for China’s matches were sold out two days ahead of schedule. In terms of sponsorship, the Grand Prix in Hong Hong is title sponsored by Watsons. Additionally, brands such as Nikon, Nissan and Mizuno all have established partnerships with the organizers.

More importantly, the organizers will help boost promotional campaigns sponsored by brands. Every year they invite volleyball players to a shopping carnival where those players always wear clothes with brands’ logos.



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