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Letv reached agreement with USGA

Wednesday, 10 Jun 2015 15:30   |   By Yutang Sports


US Golf Association (USGA) officially reached an agreement with Letv ON June 8th. It was the first time that USGA made a deal with Chinese digital media. In the following three years, US Open, US Woman Open Championship and US Veteran Open would be broadcast by Letv.com, Letv video, Letv Sports, Letv Mobile etc,. Letv has purchased all rights of the big golf events, including PGA Tour.

Letv began the negotiation with US Open from 2014, through multi negotiation. Letv finally signed with USGA and got the exclusive right in China. As the second Slam every year, US Open will be held in Chambers Bay during June 18th to 21st. 74 players including Chinese Liang Wenchong would play in the US Open. Letv will provide Hi-Fi signal on Golf Channel. Both English and Chinese commentators is available for the viewers.

Letv CEO Lei Zhenjian said ”We are excited about the cooperation with USGA. Letv aims at becoming a top global IT company, for that the broadcast right of US Open is definitely needed. ”Letv Golf Channel will show 6 Slams and 9 Grand Prix, the broadcast hour will exceed 400.

Source: 163.com

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