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Beijing Announced Policy to Implement “Outlines on Sports Power Construction”

By Yutang Sports Wednesday, 02 Dec 2020 20:34

On November 30, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports published on its official website the “Action Plan to Implement the ‘Outlines on Sports Power Construction’”. Released by the General Office of the State Council of China, the Outlines aim to guide the development of the sports industry in China so that by 2035, the sports industry grows so big that it becomes a pillar in national economy.

In order to thoroughly implement the State Council’s Outlines, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports released the action plan, within which the strategic goals for three important phases are detailed:

  • By 2022, the popularity and participation levels of ice and snow sports will have significantly improved, with more than 10 million people participating. In the meantime, Beijing aims to host an outstanding 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and they will use the Winter Olympic Games as an opportunity to boost the growth of the sports industry in Beijing.

  • By 2035, Beijing will become a city with a strong sports industry. The National Fitness program will be deeply integrated with the National Health program, and sports will be an integral part of education. More than 55% of the population will do exercises regularly, with public sports ground per capita reaching 0.7 square meters, and sports court per capita reaching 2.8 square meters. Young people will enjoy a better sports service system, and see significant improvement in physical conditions; athletic sports, summer and winter sports, and professional sports will develop in a balanced way; the sports industry will become a pillar industry with increased scale and quality; ice and snow sports will continue to grow in popularity, and a mature ice and snow sports service system will be established; finally, exchanges with the international sports world will be expanded greatly.

  • By 2050, Beijing will become a modernized sports power that has great influence in the international sports world. The sports industry will become an important hallmark of Beijing.

The action plan also listed five important missions to accomplish:

  • Implement the National Fitness policy. Beijing will construct more fitness facilities and organize more fitness competition events.

  • Improve performance in athletic sports. Beijing will attract and nurture more highly skilled athletes, and create a modern training system. Football, basketball and volleyball will continue to enjoy great support, development of good reserves will be a focus, and a strict anti-doping system will be established.

  • Push the sports industry to prosper. Beijing will create a better environment for the growth of the sports industry, find new opportunities for sports consumption, and promote the use of high technologies in sports.

  • Promote the development of ice and snow sports. Beijing will actively prepare for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, construct more ice and snow sports rinks, organize campus ice and snow sports events, and help the ice and snow sports industry grow larger.

  • Strengthen sports culture exchanges with other cities or provinces in China, as well as with the international sports world.

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