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Chinese Table Tennis Association partners with Dongfeng Fengshen

By Andrea Huang Friday, 12 Apr 2019 18:52

With only a few days before the start of the ITTF World Table Tennis Championships 2019 in Budapest, the Chinese Table Tennis Association announced that they have partnered with the Chinese automobile brand, Dongfeng Fengshen, for the upcoming World Championships. 

The partnership was reached on April 8 in Beijing, the same day the Chinese table tennis national teams departed for Austria to prepare and play in the World Championships. 

Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Motors, Yan Hongbin, says that Dongfeng is willing to fully support the Chinese national table tennis team and the development of table tennis among the public, fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. 

Liu Guoliang, the President of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, says that the national teams are willing to help Chinese national brands with communication and marketing, as Dongfeng Fengshen is a representative of premier Chinese automobile brands. He said that they hope to work together with Dongfeng Fengshen to communicate and promote table tennis. 

Reference: Dongfeng 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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