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Wu Lei shirt becomes the No.1 best seller at RCD Espanyol

By Andrea Huang Thursday, 14 Feb 2019 16:48

Since joining LaLiga side RCD Espanyol at the end of January, the Chinese football player Wu Lei has attracted unexpected attention in the football club, with his shirt becoming the best-selling shirt among the club’s players and attendances at Espanyol’s games attracting record-high crowds. 

According to many media reports, in the two weeks since Wu Lei joined Espanyol, the number of shirt sales both in China and internationally have reached 5,000, which is more than the combined amount of sales of the top two Espanyol players, Borja Iglesias and Marc Roca, in the past 6 months. 

The first Espanyol home match of the 2018/19 LaLiga at the RCDE Stadium that Wu Lei played attracted the third highest attendance of the season with Espanyol’s average attendance this season being 18944. However for his home debut against Rayo Vallecano, Espanyol had an attendance of 22104. Previously, there were only four Espanyol LaLiga matches which drew attendances of over 20000 this season. 

To leverage the influence of Wu Lei, it is said that Espanyol is launching a special limited edition shirt for Wu Lei, Borja and Roca, with only 100 pieces to be sold for each player. This special limited edition shirt will feature the Chinese names of the players on the back. 

References: The Beijing News and Gmw.cn

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick



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