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CSL refuse CSM’s suggestion for contract amendment

By Chen Yaping Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017 15:57

The CSL Company has refused China Sports Media (CSM)’s suggestion of a contract amendment in their broadcast media rights re-negotiation, revealed Chinese sports commentator Xiao Liangzhi.

As Xiao said on social media, CSM had recommended that its current duration for the CSL media rights, which is 5 years with a fee of RMB 8billion, be extended to 10 years. They hoped this suggestion would compensate for its economic loss caused by the new policies launched by the Chinese Football Association (CFA). 

The reason why the CSL Company rejected CSM is that the two sides have a different view about the Force Majeure Clause. The CSL Company argues that the launch of new policies should be seen as Force Majeure, so the two parties need to fulfill the current terms of the contract. 

According to earlier media reports, CSM had delayed the second-phase payment due on July 1 and claimed a fee reduction of the CSL media rights.

Source: sports.sina.com.cn

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick



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