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Gou Zhongwen issues 10 recommendations on basketball development

Tuesday, 03 Jan 2017 15:27   |   By Yutang Sports


Recently the General Administration of Sport has issued 10 important recommendations on China’s basketball development, including the suggestion that Yao Ming be invited to become the CBA President as well as Chief Coach of the Men’s Basketball Team. 

Gou Zhongwen, the Director of the General Administration of Sport who took office last month, has accelerated the pace of reform for all the sport associations and given 10 strong recommendations on China’s basketball development. 

Point 1. The first key point is that sports reform progresses at a faster and stronger pace. Clubs should manage by themselves and let competition dominate the market. 

Point 2. It is suggested that Yao Ming be invited to be the CBA President. As all staff of all sporting associations, including the CBA, will be restructured, previous officials from the General Administration of Sport will all be replaced. The experience of playing basketball in the US has made Yao Ming the perfect candidate to be CBA President. 

Point 3. It is also suggested to invite Yao Ming to be the Chief Coach of the Chinese Men’s Basketball Team. 

Point 4 and 5 are about personnel changes. The current basketball management center in the General Administration of Sportwill be disbanded, with some staffs transferred to the Chinese Olympic Committee, and some transferred to the sports associations. 

Point 6. Regarding foreign players coming here, the General Administration of Sport and the basketball management center need to put forward some regulatory policies. 

Point 7. It is suggested that the construction of CBA stadiums be improved. This is mainly about normalizing the upgrade of software & hardware infrastructure, improving entertainment services and increasing consumptions. Another aim is to build more small basketball courts and facilities in schools and public places. 

Point 8. Encourage the clubs to send players to high-level foreign basketball leagues for training and development. 

Point 9. There should be comprehensive scores ranking of Chinese players in the leagues, with rankings connected to individual reputations. The CBA should develop its own star players. 

Point 10. Regarding illegal doping among basketball players, not only the player, but also the player’s club, coach, general manager and non-performance supervisor will be liable for punishment.


Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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