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Ning Zetao signs ten million yuan contract with Adidas

By Yutang Sports Tuesday, 03 Jan 2017 14:52

Chinese media reports that swimmer, Ning Zetao, has signed a contract with Adidas. He posted a picture on January 1, 2017 showing himself in Adidas sportswear and holding up three fingers, which is the latest Adidas sign.

NetEase reports that Ning Zetao has signed a contract with Adidas. According to reliable sources, Adidas will pay more than ten million yuan for Ning’s endorsements.

Ning was considered to be the cutest sports star with giant commercial appeal before the 2016 Olympics. Experts had predicted that his commercial value was worth a billion. However he suffered a loss of form during the 2016 Olympics and did not win any medals.

On Dec.2, 2016, CBNweekly launched the 2016 Top 100 Celebrities’ Commercial Value List in which Ning ranks at No.29 and is still the highest ranking active sports star.


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