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Chinese Olympic Committee appoints New President & Vice President

By Yutang Sports Thursday, 29 Dec 2016 14:52

Gou Zhongwen, Director of China’s General Administration of Sport, has been appointed President of the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC), and Li Lingwei,  a  former badminton player, the Vice President, during the 2016 Plenary Session of the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC) held on December 8th, according to Xinhua News Agency. Liu Peng, former President of the COC, was appointed as Honorary Chairman of the committee.

Li Lingwei, a Chinese national badminton player in the 1980s, has won numerous badminton championships at home and abroad. Li has held posts in various international and domestic sports organizations since retirement.

Li Lingwei began working in the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee in 2003. She was transferred to Deputy Director of the Tennis Center from the Table Tennis & Badminton Center at the end of 2010, and elected a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 2012. Li was formally named Director of the Tennis Center in March 2015.

Li Lingwei’s appointment marks a continuous evolution of sports reform, according to Xinhua News Agency. 

Source: Tencent

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