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Wesing Sports renew agreements with IWF

By Mei Zhu Tuesday, 22 Nov 2016 18:05

On 19th November, Fujian Wesing Sports Co. Ltd. and the International WuShu Federation (IWF) renewed their sponsorship agreement. The company will continue to be the sponsor and equipment supplier for the IWF.

Chairman of IWF Yu Zaiqing said that in 2012, when the Martial Arts Equipment Suppliers were in fierce competition, Fujian Wesing Sports Co. Ltd. stood out as the International Sponsor and Equipment Supplier for the IWF. In the past four years Wesing Sports took an active part in sponsoring events organized by the IWF and providing equipment for the promotion of Martial Arts. Its products are of excellent quality and it displays a good brand image. Wesing Sports have made a great contribution to the promotion and globalization of Martial Arts.

Wesing Sports is the first sponsor and equipment supplier that the IWF has had. It successfully sponsored the 2nd Wushu Games in 2013, the World Martial Arts Championships in Malaysia, the African Wushu Championships, the 2014 European Wushu Championships, the Martial Arts Championships in the 2nd Youth Olympic Games, the 2015 World Wushu Championships and other International Martial Arts Competitions.

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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