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Ali Sports signs exclusive contract with Table Tennis Super League

Monday, 17 Oct 2016 18:10   |   By Mei Zhu


On 14th October, the day the China Table Tennis Super League 2016 officially started, Ali Sports announced that it had become the League’s exclusive global Internet business development partner. It has been awarded the development and operational rights for the League and gained exclusive new media rights. Ali will make the first attempt to apply VR, 4K technology to broadcasting the new League season.

Ali Sports won the exclusive new media rights for the 2016 season, meaning the audience will be able to watch live streaming and videos on demand on an Internet platform, in addition to CCTV. Moreover, after each match Taobao will broadcast the post-match press conference. Fans will be able to watch interviews with stars which they could not see on TV. 

In addition, Ali will try to bring in Cloud commentary. It will be possible for stars to give commentary at home or outdoors anytime and anywhere. Thus, a new broadcasting mode, fully integrated Internet and Table Tennis Super, is about to become a reality.

It is reported that after Ali succeeds in introducing Cloud technology, Cloud Live will also be brought in for the new season to present a smoother and clearer picture for the audience. 20 games will be carried on a VR broadcast, so fans can experience the immersive scene at home without glasses.

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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