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Sina Sports announces strategic deal with Global Poker League

By Pu Yang Tuesday, 19 Apr 2016 16:30

Sina Sports today (19 April) announced a long-term strategic digital media partnership with Global Poker League (GPL) in China.

The deal will see Sina Sports become the official digital media partner of the GPL in China. Under the agreements, Sina Sports “will launch a ‘Poker’ channel on its leading Chinese digital media platform solely dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage from around the poker gaming world”.

The two sides will work together to provide over 400 hours’ live coverage of GPL games and events. In addition, Sina Sports and GPL will also create localized content to engage Chinese audience. Moreover, GPL are also planning to “work with Sina Sports to design events and shows for the Chinese market, including establishing at least one new franchise in Mainland China for the 2017 season”.

GPL President Alex Dreyfus noted, "The League’s first Asia-based franchise is the Hong Kong Stars, who have loaded their roster with some of the best poker players from China. This is exciting for us because we want locally relevant standouts of the game involved alongside poker’s global stars - it helps expose this sport to new audiences, such as those in China, that may be less familiar with the poker world.”

Speaking of the deal, Sina Sports General Manager and Senior Vice President of Sina, Arthur Wei, said “The time is right for a league like GPL to enter China. Already, Chinese people are used to poker-style games through playing traditional Chinese card games, and are looking for more diverse ways to play. Not only will GPL attract new sports fans, but it also will attract a following from Chinese people that may not consider themselves traditional sports fans. I believe that Sina Sports will be looked at for years to come as a visionary media company for having brought GPL into China.”

As revealed, The “Poker” channel on Sina Sports will be unveiled early next month.

Source: Sina Sports



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