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Sina Sports links with Australian Open

By Pu Yang Wednesday, 20 Jan 2016 11:00

Sina Sports announced yesterday (January 19) that it has entered into an official strategic collaboration with Tennis Australia for the Australian Open, one of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

Under the partnership, the two sides have officially launched an exclusive Chinese-version website for the Australian Open on Sina Sports. A range of special features will be exclusive to the new site, including match highlights, a live streaming feed with a Chinese scoreboard and player interviews.

The collaboration between Sina Sports and Tennis Australia is aimed at helping to promote the Australian Open in the Chinese market, reaching more fans and consumers in the country.

In addition to the official website, Sina Sports will promote the Australian Open through its leading digital platform, highlighted by Sina Weibo, the equivalent of Twitter in China.

Sina Sports is the sport arm of China’s leading web portal Sina, and has recently added Manchester United FC’s MUTV to its site.

Source: Sina

Proofread by John Devlin.



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